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Vote On These Issues!

Does the Board represent us accurately? The answer is unclear because the Board has historically existed in such a vacuum. But though they have our best interests in mind, they are not mind readers. Let's work together to let them know our views.

The Seward Park On-Line Community (SPCOMM) allows members to vote on issues. If we could deliver results of such votes, would give Board members a clear sense of where people stand on issues we face. At present there are polls for all the checked topics listed on this site, and updated results will be reported here periodically. If you are already a member of SPCOMM, click here to vote. If you are not, you are encouraged to join!

How to Join

Go to groups.yahoo.com/group/spcomm and click "JOIN THIS GROUP!". Then fill out the registration forms presented. You'll get an email message back from the manager of the group asking for your full name and apartment number, to verify that you are a shareholder (this information will not be disclosed). Finally, you will get an email confirming that you have been accepted as a member.

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