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Testimonal: Polyboys Flooring, 917-374-3742

May 20, 2011

I just had my floors sanded and finished. It was a two-month wait before the job could be scheduled, but once the team started, they worked quickly, replaced many broken tiles, kept the place neat and clean, and displayed a super-positive attitude throughout. Even on the last day, when they just expected to do one final coat and leave, they stopped to address a problem of tiles near my front doorway that weren't as shiny and smooth as we had expected. After a brief consultation, they pulled up and replaced the offending tiles, sanded them down, sealed and laminated them.

My place looks great! The 50-year-old floor looks new.

Contact me to see their work, or contact Eric Gooden, Polyboys Flooring, to 917-374-3742 to get a quote on your job.

Dan Strum