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The SPC Gratitude Fund

THIS PROGRAM IS COMING TO A CLOSE. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. A FINAL REPORT WILL BE PUBLISHED IN EARLY JANUARY. Credit Card payments were linked through SPBuzz because the SPC portal doesn't allow the necessary code for credit card contributions to be posted.

Im writing to invite you to contribute to THE SPC GRATITUDE FUND.

The covid-19 pandemic continues. SPC Staff continue to commute every day to Seward Park to ensure that all aspects of our buildings are clean, secure, and operational. And even though our local businesses are starting to open, our restaurants remain severely impacted in she aftermath of four months of severely reduced business, and present city-imposed capacity restrictions that are expected to continue for months.

THE SPC GRATITUDE FUND was established in April to provide recognition and sustenance to our Staff during this crisis, while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of our restaurants.

The program has been a tremendous success. We raised $33,570 from 271 donors, which paid for 2,252 meals from Diller's and Saluggi's for 73 Staff over the course of two months.

SPC Staff and our restaurants have been profoundly appreciative of the program – see their expressions of thanks below.

Please consider making a contribution to support our staff and to ensure that our restaurants pull through this crisis intact. Donations can be made via PayPal or credit card at the link below.

Donate however you prefer, but note that we can avoid a fee if you use PayPal and de-select the "goods and services" checkbox.

Expressions of Thanks to the SPC Community

“I want to thank the residents of Seward Park. I appreciate the funding for the meals. Thanks for looking out for the employees in this pandemic.” – Cynthia, SPC Security Guard

“Thank you for everything you guys and ladies have done to support the whole SPHC. We are really thankful and super appreciative of you all.” – Ivan, SPC Porter

I just want to thank every single one of you for providing my coworkers and I with lunch during this pandemic. It wasn't easy for me but all of you guys kept me in high spirits. Stay healthy and stay safe.” – Jonathan, SPC Security Guard

“I just wanted to say thank you and truly appreciate what you did for us during this pandemic and rough time that we were all going through.” – Ray, SPC Porter

“We are so thankful to Seward Park. During this unprecedented time, your support has helped keep us open and our staff employed.”– Mike @ Diller's

“I can’t thank the great people who contributed to the Seward Park gratitude fund enough for allowing us to feed the SPC staff since the state shutdown. The SPC staff were very grateful for their meals, and the Saluggi’s staff were very grateful for the work. The SPC gratitude fund helped us to stay open in this hard time. Had we not had this additional revenue we would have had to lay people off.” – Bill & Nancy @ Saluggi's


  1. Supervisors are picking up meals prior to shifts for third-shift staff.
  2. Staff who were out sick are receiving their share of contributions in cash.
  3. Donations are received into a PayPal account managed by Greenthal. Staff are given vouchers which are being returned to Greenthal along with invoices from the restaurants.We engage in rigorous oversight of contributions received and payments from this fund.
  4. Any donations remaining at the end of this initiative will be distributed to Staff.
  5. Many thanks are due to our Board who endorsed this effort, the people in our Management Office who swiftly supported it, and the owners of Saluggi's and Diller's who so eagerly stepped up to support this initiative.