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Several people have voiced concerns about publishing recordings of our meetings on SPBuzz. The concerns are valid, and ideally the recordings would be published on the official SPHC website. For what it's worth, I followed up with Michael Tumminia after the recent meeting explicitly asking if we could publish the audio I recorded on the new site; he declined the offer.

My rationale for publishing the meetings is straight-forward. Our co-op is spendings money on meetings (space, setup, refreshments, management, flyers, sign-language interpreters, distribution of flyers, etc.), and our Directors invest a great deal of time preparing for them. Evidently, our Board believes that these bringing this information to shareholders warrants this investment. With this in mind, I believe that meetings should be made available to more than the tiny percentage of shareholders who manage to attend them.

40-45 people were in attendance. Not counting the people from Greenthal, the people from MyBuilding.com, the sign-language interpreters, our Directors, and members of the IT Committee, there were 25-29 interested parties in attendance.

Board President Michael Tumminia stated that the licensing fee of the site would be $21,600 per year, but that it could vary depending on some circumstances that he did not specify. He is adamant that in the context of a $25MM annual budget, this is a fair price to pay for something that will deliver service to the community. He is also confident that sponsorship or other means can be arranged to dramatically offset the price.

There was not time to field all the questions, and some questions opened up to others. The following questions were submitted to Mr. Tumminia and also posted on the new site's forum.

1. It was said there is some flexibility with regard to the annual licensing price, depending on the number of users. What usage level is expected based on the price, and specifically how would prices would change based on different levels of usage?

2. Related to this, I know there is a great effort to get people to sign in to check the site out. What is the measure of success for this project -- is it the a raw number of one-time sign-ins, or some analysis of usage? Some people have not signed up because they think that a raw number of logins is the only measure in use, and they don't want to endorse the system before they see what it is. Clarification of this measurement process would therefore be appreciated.

3. Integration of the system with SPHC will presumably entail ongoing customization and development. How much, and what type of development is included per year based on our licensing of the site? Are there areas of development we envision that fall outside of this, and if so, what sort of development and what is its expected cost? Even if there are no forecasted needs, what are hourly development prices charged by MyBuilding.com? Will our newly hired programmer be doing any related development, or will this be turned over to MyBuilding.com?