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December 28, 2009


Dear Directors of SPHC:

There was a recent meeting at which Seward Park's Engineer, Ron Erickson outlined work to be performed in accordance to Local Law 11. Frank Durant said this work would cost approximately $2,500,000 over the course of four years.

With all respect due to Mr. Erickson, Mr. Durant, and the Greenthal team, I wonder:

1. What was the process by which Mr. Erickson was retained as our Engineer, and what was the method with which his recommendations were scrutinized? What is the difference between this process and that with which the repointing work was undertaken about six years ago?

2. In his presentation, Mr. Erikson stated that four qualified contractors were invited to bid. What was the process by which he, the Board and Management publicized this project in order to attract qualified contractors?


Dan Strum

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