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January 28, 2012



Dear Wei-Li,

I am writing to follow up problems associated with our 2012 election.

As I mentioned in my emails of July 19, 2012, December 6, 2012, and January 14, 2013:

I did not receive a receipt for my vote during the last election (although you said they were sent twice); I want to know if my vote was counted, and if not, why not. I also understand that a fraudulent proxy was sent on behalf of one of our neighbors; I want to know if the fraudulent vote counted.

While I do realize and appreciate that election-related issues were raised at the last meeting, I also understand that no plan was made to investigate these very serious problems.

As I stated in my message to you on April 24, 2011, and again on June 25, 2012, and again on January 14, 2013:

If the past is any indication, our Board would be inclined to let this issue slide. Our past Election Committees deferred to new administrations, and our new administrations purportedly wanted to “move forward” rather than investigate the “past”. In light of the irregularities that have plagued every one of our recent elections, it is clear that this is not a successful strategy. .. When we face problems in our elections year after year, it stops looking like honest mistakes, conflicting priorities, or a desire to “move forward”, and starts to look like deliberate foot-dragging and obstruction.

At this point, it is clear that our Board of Directors has a perpetual unwillingness to acknowledge, let alone investigate the fraud that has been in evidence for for the past few years. This certainly encourages the fraudster(s) by sending the message that the SPC Board of Directors will not investigate election-related fraud under any circumstance!

With that in mind, I respectfully claim that avoiding an investigation of the documented problems in our past election represents an abnegation of the due diligence that you are obligated to perform. Enough with the delays and deferments! I ask that you and the rest of the Board set a precedent by investigating the problem with the diligence and attention it deserves.


Dan Strum

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