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First Impression of SewardParkCoop.com
[December 2009]

Clarification was received from Frank Durant, who indicates that the "six month trial" of the website began on (or about) the date at which it was made accessible to shareholders, December 21, 2009. Therefore we have until the middle of May to kick its tires. I encourage shareholders to put it to use.

The new SPHC website is going online. The site has a "public" side (www.SewardParkCoop.com) — which tells people about SPHC and our neighborhood — and a "private" side (my.SewardParkCoop.com), to be used by shareholders to submit maintenance requests, review lists and documents, exchange messages, review a neighborhood calendar, etc. The functionality promised by the site is compelling, and I am sure it will be put to the test by many in the community over the coming weeks.

The site technology is provided by MyBuilding.org. In the Report from the Boardroom that was issued on September 4, 2009, it was stated that we were embarking on a six-month trial of this system, for a one time payment of $3,000. Research suggests that the site will cost shareholders between $25,000 and $30,000 per year (which would cover $13 per apartment per year, plus customized management, support and development). It also suggests that the site is licensed to us — we won't own anything, and should we decide we don't want to continue to pay this annual amount, we will end up with nothing at all.

I am certainly not a fan of the old website, I and strongly agree that a new site is needed. Considering all the functionality, a one-time $25,000 charge might be warranted. However, I am concerned about paying upwards of $25,000 per year for something that we will not own. Our IT Committee was asked on December 28 to document their views on these concerns, as well as outline what other development directions were explored. Responses are hopefully forthcoming.