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Trader Joe's? Nobody Knows.

January 6, 2018

Back in October 2016 our neighborhood was abuzz with the news that a new Trader Joe's store would be opening a store at the Essex Crossing building closest to us. But an astute neighbor recently noticed that the Trader Joe's website doesn't list that address on their long list of expected locations.

SPBuzz reached out to both Essex Crossing and Trader Joe's for confirmation as to whether Trader Joe's was indeed coming to the neighborhood. Positive confirmation came back from Essex Crossing (via James Yolles of Risa Heller Communications, the PR firm representing Essex Crossing), saying:

Nothing has changed, and the store is scheduled to open in 145 Clinton (Essex Crossing site 5) in 2018.

However, the initial response from Trader Joe's (via Kenya Friend-Daniel, Trader Joe's in-house PR Director), was strikingly ambiguous:

To answer your question, Trader Joe's is still interested in the Lower East Side as a potential store location, however I am not able to confirm any plans at this time.

A follow-up message asking Ms. Friend-Daniel whether anything had changed since the October 2016 press release yielded a less ambiguous response:

I can only tell you where we stand now. Our interest in the Lower East Side area remains. I am more than happy to update you if/when plans are confirmed.

Obviously Essex Crossing and Trader Joe's are not working from the same script, and SPBuzz wrote a joint letter to both parties seeking clarification. And of course even if things are not confirmed, there is still time for the parties to come to terms... In the meantime, however, if Trader Joe's in-house PR Director states that the project is not confirmed, I'd be inclined to believe it!