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Thanksgiving in December

Call it what you will — Hannukah, Christmas, Diwali, Kwanza, or New Years — in any case, this is the time of year for Thanksgiving — a time to explicitly thank those who have served us well throughout the year, who've been dependable, positive, amiable, and in many cases have gone many extra miles to take care of us!

Our co-op certainly doesn't run itself. Our security desks are staffed 24x7, a full-time maintenance team is on-hand full-time for all sorts of routine and special work, and the management office staff responds to a full-time barrage of Shareholder inquiries with care, courtesy, patience and professionalism.

We have all benefitted from the dedication of these people, and SPBuzz encourages neighbors to recognize their efforts by giving them seasonal tips.

How to contribute?

  1. Bring your contribution to the main office.
    No contribution is too small! I am giving $100. Specify whether you want your tip to be given to:
    • Security Personnel
    • Maintenance Staff
    • Office Staff
  2. You will be given a receipt.
  3. Your tip will be collected together with those of other shareholders and allocated accordingly.
  4. After the holiday season, a report will be made available as to the total amounts collected through this effort.