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I've long been putting off writing on recycling. Not because it is a hard topic to write about, but that the situation is so absurd. The situation we face is illegal, ecologically unsound, dangerous, unsanitary and revolting.

  1. Recycling is mandatory in New York City. Those who don't comply are subject to fines. A sign above our recycling areas states that plastics and glass are to be put in regular household trash. This is wrong advice — recycling of plastics resumed in JULY 2003. Recycling of glass resumed APRIL 2004.

  2. The areas where recyclable materials are to be left are woefully inadequate, resulting in those areas becoming dumping grounds. At times these dumping grounds get so out of hand that it is not possible to pass. This is a fire-hazard and a santitation violation.

  3. The slots through which recyclables are deposited and the containers in which to deposit them are also woefully inadequate, resulting in the areas on the other side of the walls becoming dumping grounds as well.

Nearly all the recyclable materials from all three sections of all four of our buildings goes to landfills because no one ever saw it fit to remedy the situation. This is especially distressing because recycling isn't hard if there are adequate facilities. My personal recommendation is to establish a single recycling area per building (as opposed to per section), with space, twine, tape and informative posters so that it might actually get done. But regardless of what solution is found, a solution is needed. I recently wrote to Mr. Stoney Welsh regarding this issue. Click here to read my message.

Click here for recycling guide.