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The Seward Park Newsletter

One issue raised at the election two years ago (and the one before as well, if memory serves) was that communication was a priority and that regular newsletters would be published. Yet in the whole year our board has managed to print a single newsletter, and the latest edition, submitted in January, has been sitting unapproved for months.

Pressure generated by The Seward Park Buzz and the forthcoming election prompting the Board to consider publishing the stalled edition, but much of the content of that newsletter was so hopelessly outdated (including announcements for the new outdoor garage and the no-longer-existing farmers' market!), that it didn't seem worthwhile. It was then that Board Member Juda Engelmayer contacted me about the possibility of producing a printed version of the Buzz. Read the story here.

A question to our Board members is in order: how are we supposed to know what's going on without a regular source of information?