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Who Keeps Track of Key Track?

The issue presented in this article had been going on for many weeks, but was reolved promptly when reported to Management. Thanks to our management crew and also to SPBuzz readers who made clear such issues warrant proactive management. SPBuzz

KeytrackA recent test of the Key Track system showed that email notifications are not being sent when keys are taken from or returned to the system. Inquiries among our neighbors indicates that such notifications have not been sent at least since April 7, 2011.

Many of us have submitted our keys to Key Track to provide management access to our apartments in case of emergencies. The email notification functionality was added through MyBuilding.org, as noted in Management's Bulletin, dated April 2010:

MyBuilding.org has advised managment that an agreement was reached with Keytrack that will allow both systems to work together. When a key is removed from the system, an email alert will go out directly to the shareholder/resident informing them of when the key was removed and for what reason. This gives our shareholders/residents that were concerned with the security of apartment keys additional proof that these systems are working to make your homes safe and secure.

Many shareholders were spurred to add their keys to Key Track with the understanding that email notification would work. For it to be unoperational for extended periods is a security concern that should not have occured, and should be prevented in the future.