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Keyfob Implementation Issues

Although work is nearing completion on the keyfobs, there are two issues that warrant further attention.

The Security of Motion Detectors

It seems that, doors unlock automatically as one approaches the doors — one can simply pull the handle instead of turning it. Why is that so? Does this not mean that someone standing outside the door can simply wait for someone to approach the door to get in without even being "let" in? There seems to be no benefit of these motion detectors, and they should be disabled.

The Ergonomics of Swiping
[This issue was presented to our Board of Directors on July 7, 2016]

As documented in the images below, the keyfob swipe pads are very far from the door handles. This is a significant inconvenience, especially when people are burdened with packages. What's more, in most cases the swipe locations are on the left side of the door, a further inconvenience to the 90% of our general population that is right-handed.

The obvious place for the swipe pads would be near the doorknobs, but this space is currently occupied by the numeric keypads which are for the use of our orthodox community for entry during Jewish holidays. I very strongly recommend swapping locations so all of our residents, orthodox included, can have the most convenient experience.