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The Age of Keyfobs

Our co-op has just transitioned to the use of digital keyfobs for entry to our buildings. Although this brings about many benefits, there are some areas in which our implementation and policies regarding this technology has not been adequately considered.

  • Privacy — Knowing how people circulate through our property can inform all sorts of maintenance, management, construction, and security decisions. However, maintaining logs of the comings and goings of individuals in our community is unnecessary, lacks due process, and erodes the privacy expect to have in our homes. Furthermore, in the wrong hands, such logs could unreasonably aid people seeking to investigate, harass or commit crimes against us.
  • Provision of Spare Key Fobs — A Shareholder calls for apartments to be issued spare key fobs as a matter of policy, proclaiming that having "a spare key fob is not an extravagance" and pointing out that the current policy of charging all 1700 Shareholders $25 for additional keyfobs would result in a total of $42,500, of unfairly generated revenue.
  • Security & Ergonomic Flaws — Motion detectors to unlock doors pose a security risk, and keyfob swipe locations are badly placed.