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Hester Street Needs Us

The Hester Street Fair and the Greenmarket are great for us, but it will take time before they become neighborhood institutions. In the meantime, they need our support! And to support them, there is one simple (and some would even say pleasurable) requirement: SHOP! The fair and Greenmarket offer a wide variety of unique, creative, and local offerings. The prices won't match what you will find in chain stores, but you won't find equivalent products in chain stores either.

When the Hester Street Fair opened, there was a waiting list of interested vendors. While the vendors still seem to be content, the market is no longer crowded, and there are more than a few empty booths. Similarly, when the Greenmarket opened, there were four farms participating — now we're down to only one.

I encourage neighbors to visit the Hester Street Fair and the Greenmarket often. Tell your friends and bring them along! Let the vendors know that you appreciate them, tell them what you would like to see, and very importantly, spend a bit of cash! Twenty dollars per week for the next ten weeks, together with our encouragement and feedback, will stimulate all the vendors who are investing time and energy to bring their goods to our neighborhood.

It's worth noting that the organizers of both the Fair and the Greenmarket are eager to consider any feedback or suggestions that would make these markets more successful additions to our neighborhood.