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The Hester Street Property

Seward Park Housing owns property that runs along the edge Seward Park Park (as opposed to Seward Park Housing) to Essex Street. This property has long been unused and the Board wisely decided to make use of it.

Out of all the possible uses that have been put forward for this space, the ones to receive most serious consideration are relocation of our trash compactor facilities from their problematic current location and the establishment of a dog-run. (See the thoughtful background information provided by Board Member Juda Engelmayer)

I don't doubt that the Board has our community's best interest in mind, but I do question their judgement. This is a potentially beautiful passageway to the commercially vibrant Essex Street, and could make a great location for amenities that are suitable for our community at-large. A new place for trash may be in order... but how can they even consider the establishment of a dog run in light of our no-dogs policy?

I am deeply dismayed that information about this property wasn't publicized, that community opinions weren't solicited, and that a public discussion of these options didn't take place. What other untapped resources do we have around us?

Our Neighbors Are Talking!

What should the Hester Street property be used for?

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