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Wanted: A Grassroots Approach

Recent conversations with neighbors reveal a lot of frustration. People want more transparency, better communication, improved process and increased accountability from our Board of Directors. But when I press people to publish their views on the issues we face, they defer:

  • Some state that they are waiting for good candidates to champion their causes.
  • Some state that issues are best raised closer to election time so that candidates have strong issues to address.

When I speak to prospective candidates about this, they defer as well:

  • Some are waiting to align themselves with a suitable "slate" of candidates.
  • Some think that announcing their candidacy early will subject them to criticism or diffuse the issues they want to address.

I believe it is naïve to hope that a golden candidate will come along to solve our problems, and short-sighted for candidates to think that they will run out of issues if they start talking now! In my opinion, we need to continually address our issues in order to get results. It was the unequivocol ennumeration of errors in the Garage Waiting List that is leading to a robust and transparent process for managing that list. It was a concerned shareholder's insistent question at the Informational Meeting that led Management to stop renting an SPHC room to an unlicensed and uninsured contractor. Addressing these issues didn't rely on elections or campaigns. It relied on strong and articulate presentation of problems.

Our election is not for six months, golden candidates have not materialized, and there is no guarantee that even the most compelling candidate will be elected. Our issues need to be faced now. I encourage neighbors to send articles about issues at SPHC and in the neighborhood at-large. Communication published on this site can provide great benefits:

  • Issues may actually be addressed by our current Board and Management.
  • You will will raise awareness of issues, reduce hype, and raise the level of discourse.
  • Solid presentations warrant serious consideration and thoughful response.
  • New candidates may appreciate the constructive environment and be inspired to run.
  • People with an interest in serving on the Board can make their visions known.
  • Researching and reporting on issues is challenging and fun. It entails choosing issues that are worth pursuing, deciding on ways to investigate them, and considering ways to present findings that will warrant attention and action.
  • Researching and reporting on issues lets you discover nuanced information that you don't get from uninformed and uninvestigated banter.
  • Researching and reporting on issues puts you in touch with members of our community who are very worth knowing.

Aside from all these concerns, old issues presented on this site have been addressed, and new issues have been raised. I work full time and cannot keep on top of it all! I seek a shareholder with an interest in design, web production, writing, editing and community to help me out. Contact me for details.

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