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Garage Lists 2007

I was surprised to come home to find a garage waiting list on my doorstep. A garage parking list was distributed a short time later. I was impressed by many aspects of these lists:

  • By putting this information in the hands of shareholders, random changes as have characterized previous lists can be more easily detected.
  • The "Recent Graduates" section of the list provides a legend of changes to the list that is essential for the list to be meaningful. Indeed, such a legend on an earlier list would have obviated the entire SPBuzz Garage Waiting List investigation!
  • The statement that the process of managing lists is automated suggests that we will no longer see the sorts of errors and inconsistencies that have characterized previous lists.

Just having the lists doesn't automatically result in proper process, and we set out to do some analysis. This revealed several notable inaccuracies with regard to the parking list, and the question of one shareholder who seems to have gotten a space out of turn. The SPBuzz investigation into these issues continues.

SPBuzz looks forward to future lists that pertain to storage rooms and storage bins.