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Shoddy Maintenance

In a recent Grand Street News interview, Stoney Welsh was asked if our maintenance team is large enough to properly maintain our builidings. He responded: "... it's not so much a numbers' game as an education a redirection of priorities." In some respect, this answer is right-on — education is needed to get our maintenance staff to share the vision of how our buildings are to be maintained. But the question of whether we need more maintenance staff is not so easily shrugged off. If it takes 20 minutes to mop the hallways on one floor, that represents a 60 hours per week to mop all hallways on all floors of all sections of all buildings. Is our maintenance team prepared to invest enough time for this basic task and still get other tasks done? Indeed, I've heard frequent complaints of halls not being cleaned or half-done repair jobs being left for months on end. Either we don't have the enough staff, or our management of that staff needs to be improved.

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