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Fine Fare

The simple joke I learned as a kid comes to mind when I think of our local supermarket:

Q: When is a door not a door?
A: When it's ajar.

Only the variation that comes to mind is more insidious:

Q: When is fine fare not fine fare?
A: When it's Fine Fare!

There have been serious complaints about Fine Fare for years, and Seward Park shareholders, as owners of the property, have demanded that our Board and Management step in to impose minimal standards on how that supermarket is maintained and run. It seems that the store has been improving in recent months, yet the problems continue. Problems I have recently witnessed include:

  • Seven successive visits in which I discovered yogurt beyond its expiration dates. The worst case was the discovery on August 12th of a container that expired on July 16th. (I was surprised that the problem persisted for so many visits, considering that I brought each incident to the attention of supermarket staff.)
  • Completely thawed ice cream in the freezers indicates inadequate refrigeration.
  • Periodic terrible stench near the deli counter.
  • Sale items frequently scan for higher than their proper prices.
  • Non-functioning bottle-return machines.

What can we do? Of course we have alternative places to shop — there is an excellent Pathmark down on Cherry street, and groceries can now be ordered on-line and delivered to your door via FreshDirect.com. But the fact is that Fine Fare occupies a prime location on our property, and we are within our rights to demand better amenities!

What can we do about it? I recommend a three-tiered approach:

  • Regularly report problems to Fine Fare and Seward Park management. If it is a health issue, report it also to the Board of Health.
  • Our Management Office should notify the Board of Health and Department of Sanitation on a regular basis if freshness, refrigeration or recycling problems continue.
  • Let your money do the talking — reduce the amount you spend in Fine Fare if it is not meeting your expectations!

Do you have other ideas or opinions? Let me know!