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The New Elevators

New elevators were installed in my section. Overall, these elevators are attractive, fast and reliable. But some aspects are very disappointing.

  • Padding wasn't available for them for a full three months after the new elevators were intsalled.
  • The padding that was finally was made available doesn't fit over the security camera in the corner, with the result that the padding hangs down and never properly covers that corner.
  • The useful memo displays that existed in the old elevators weren't installed in the new ones, with the result that shareholders with these elevators know less than ever about what is going on in SPHC.
  • The plans for the "Shabbos Elevator" have completely fallen through, leaving us with a system that is worse than ever (it doesn't allow riders to get off when it is going in express mode from G-to-20).

This last item warrants further discussion. Prior to the installation of the new elevators in any section, shareholders receive a questionnaire asking whether they'd be using the Shabbos Elevator on their floor. The questionnaire goes on to say that the new elevators will be programmed to stop only on specific floors, but will still be usable by all.

I had heard that the Shabbos Elevators weren't working as promised, and I took a ride to check it out. From the ground floor, the elevator went straight to 20. The elevator ignored the fact that another rider pushed a button to get out at an earlier floor. From 20 back to the ground floor, the elevator stopped on every floor. I didn't have a stopwatch, but the round trip took at least seven minutes.

A neighbor complained to management about this problem and was told that we we had to wait until all the elevators were installed before the programming would be done. This simply doesn't make sense. For one, the installation of new elevators is many many months from being complete. For two, operation of the Shabbos Elevator was cited as a significant factor for wearing down components of our old elevators. For three... it just doesn't make sense.