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Dirty Water

My hot tap water is often dirty, with a dark tone and what looks like bits of @#!!* floating in it. (Your hot water might be dirty too — fill your tub with hot water to check). I spoke to Pat Goldwater about this many times. She assured me that the problem was known, the water was safe, and that improved filtrations systems were being put in place. But month after month the problem persisted.

When Stoney Welsh came on board, I contacted him on the issue. In a variation to the standard line I had been hearing, Stoney said:

... our maintenance staff again "flushed" the lines of the occasional build-up of sediment that accumulates in 40-year-old plumbing lines. Since you live in the last section of the "loop" for your building, this situation has greater effect of apartments like yours. To alleviate the problem effectively, we have instituted a preventive maintenance program on the line that affects your units water supply and will "flush" the line no less than monthly. We hope that this will eliminate the problem.

I appreciate the effort, and especially the straightforward communication. But the problem isn't periodic and it hasn't been eliminated. Is it normal to live with such dirty water?

I called city services' 311 and arranged to get my water tested at the same time I posted this article. They promised to send a test kit. I followed up with our Management office and with city services on a weekly basis. Finally, three months later, some people from maintenance came up to install water filters on the hot and cold water lines coming into my apartment. This is clearly a short term solution, but, for now, I am appeased. If I ever get the test kit from the city, I will fill it with the water from a neighbor's tap.

Our Neighbors Are Talking!

Do you have a problem with dirty water coming from your tap?

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