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Bike Racks

A survey to assess the demand for bike racks was distributed last spring. Response to that survey was huge, with 300 shareholders indicating a demand to accommodate as many as 400 bikes! Our Board diligently investigated the issue by assessing location (the space between buildings three and four, near the old playground), landscaping, security issues, and more. Finally they came to the bottom line. It seems that adequate facilities would cost the co-op more than $60k, and the Board, working without a formal budget, had no choice but suspend the project.

Finally, after more than a year of inactivity, the Board published a new questionnaire to further explore the issue, with questions pertaining to possible locations and possible prices. Hopefully that's an indication that the project will indeed go forward.

Aside from the establishment of sheltered bikeracks for long-term bike parking, a shareholder recently wrote in to SPComm about a city-based website where people can submit requests for public bike racks to be installed. The map below shows locations where our property connects to stores or parks. At which location do you think public bike racks would be most useful?

  1. In front of the stores on the south side of Grand Street, between Essex & Norfolk
  2. In front of stores on the south side of Grand Street, between Suffolk & Clinton
  3. In front of the stores on Clinton Street, south of Grand Street
  4. In the park alongside our 465 Grand Street property
  5. In front of the Park facing the entrance to Building One
  6. In front of the Seward Park Library (within the park gates, not on the street)
  7. Between the Grand Street stores and playground on Essex Street, South of Grand Street
  8. In front of our residential entrances (too many to list here!)
  9. I don't think public bike racks are a good idea

Our Neighbors Are Talking!

At which of the following locations do you think public bike racks would be most useful?

Data updated periodically. Last update: July 7, 2004

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