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Throughout my time at Seward Park there has been one persistent complaint: there is no communication from the Board. Year after year, prospective board members ensure that there will be communication, and year after year, those promises go unfulfilled. As I write this, the newsletter that was submitted for publication has been mysteriously stalled, and the never-publicized website was taken down.

Many contentious issues are being faced by the Board, and I am not confident that my best interests are being represented. That is not to say that I think the Board is mis-representing me — but without better communication, I can't be sure.

We are all shareholders and all should be able to know what is going on and to voice our opinions accordingly. I created this site as a means of doing this. I think that this site offers a means of consolidating shareholder opinions on major issues and making them known to board members in an unequivocol way. Aside from having these topics addressed, this will also measure the Board's willingness to comply with clear shareholder communication.

My email address as well as those for Board members are on the contact page. I invite you to contact me if you want to express your opinion of this site or bring other issues to my attention.

Many thanks are due to my friends and neighbors who have provided much of the information and most of the photographs used on this site.


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